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Uptown Workshops have traveled to Oakland School for the Arts, California College of the Arts and KDOL-TV studios at Met West High. Along the way, Uptown mentors and adult facilitators have worked with over fifty young clients.

More than one third of youth participants are involved in multiple Uptown projects. Most are English-language learners with English as a second or third language. All are either college-bound or already attending colleges and universities.


The went live in the Spring of 2010 at Swarm Artist Studios in Jack London Square.

The Uptown Media Workshop Crew is a cohort of highly talented youth participants who work with adult mentors on artworks combining photography, printmaking, bookmaking and other visual and tactile as well as digital arts disciplines.

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The was established in 2009 as a roving filmmaking class based in Oakland's Uptown district.

Uptown's youth teams have worked side-by-side with adult filmmakers and teaching artists to produce mini-docs on a variety of topics, from school lunches in Oakland to ethnic violence in Bhutan.

To learn more about past, present and future workshop activities, check out Uptown Video's FACEBOOK page.