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At Uptown Media Arts we embrace a youth participation model shared with peer organizations in Europe and Asia. Youth participants contribute to strategy, planning, implementation and evaluation of projects and programming. Engaged youth involvement is expected and respected by adults equally at all levels of activity. Most projects also involve one-on-one adult mentors and all involve at least one adult facilitator responsible for general organization, project management and delivery of final outcomes.


The initiative is rooted in a shared belief that the arts are crucial for our future and well-being as a society of diverse cultures and unique individuals. Artbeat project teams work on stories about art and also about the power of art as a catalyst for personal growth and social change. Current Uptown Artbeat projects include:

Uptown ArtStream
Artbeat Tumblr

Our work stems from two

(the Oakland Uptown Refugee Youth initiative) was launched by and for Bhutanese-Nepali refugees who make up the majority of Uptown's youth. Participants working on OURY projects explore creative media, old and new, to convey stories of their own journeys. OURY projects include:

Gross National Happiness
OURY Digital Dialogues