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Uptown Media Arts is a multi-generational collective of artists, writers, researchers and technologists. We are a respectful community of youths and adults who share time and place to work on creative projects.

We produce short films, mixed-media installations, creative websites and other audio-visual, digital and tactile artworks.

We hope that the stories, sights, sounds and experiences we create together will bring pleasure and inspire change.

The veteran culture workers on our advisory board are here to guide as we articulate and build upon shared values, hopes and desires.

The directors on our executive board help us to define and achieve our goals.

Our supporters, through their generosity, make it possible for us to work and play.

we wish to thank our
Alameda County Arts Commission ARTSFUND
Bill Graham Memorial Foundation
Center for Cultural Innovation
Creative Capacity Fund
Clorox Foundation
Oakland Fund for Children and Youth

Trader Joe's
Western Digital

Art IS Education
California College of the Arts
Center for Art in Public Life
East Bay Media Center
Oakland School for the Arts
Opera Piccola
Refugee Youth Project, UK
Swarm Gallery and Artists' Studios
Under Four Trees, the movie
Youth-Friendly Centre (YFC) Nepal
Youth Movement Records


Rosalind Evans
Founder and Chair, Refugee Youth Project, UK

Paul Kealoha Blake
Co-Founder and Executive Director, East Bay Media Center

Lauren Markham
Co-Founder, Bay Area Refugee Soccer Camp
Volunteer Coordinator, Refugee Transitions
Program Coordinator, OUSD Refugee and Asylee Student Assistance

Elissa Perry
Video Artist and Co-Founder of Zeum, YBCA
Adjunct Professor, Leadership Studies, St.Mary's Moraga
Communications Associate, ACOE

Dawn Valadez
Co-Founder, Vaquera Films
Producer and Director of the award-winning documentary Going On 13
Veteran Social Worker and former Director of Development, Davis Street Family Center

Ann Wettrich
Adjunct Professor, Art Education, California College of the Arts
Alameda County Arts Commissioner and Art Education Committee Chair
Chair, Teaching & Learning Oversight, Alliance for Arts Learning Leadership

Marian Berenfus

Greg Gutbezahl

Dianna Schaack

Rose Theresa

Erica Timmerman

Margreta Von Pein

Candace Workman


Colin Adams

Jeremy Ambers

Jenny Chu

Kathy Graddy

Quin Graddy

Bill Lewis, Jr.

Maggie Simpson

James Weatherly

Himal Acharya

Shazia Balouch

Elaine Barfield

Karen Carranza

Ruth Castillo

Alex Conde

Seth Craven

Jeffrey Dana

Arpan Dewan

Bidya Dhakal

Monwal Dhimal

Goda Dhimal

Rhadika Dhimal


Tika Dhimal

Dnish Ghimrey

Jyoti Gurung

Kopila Gurung

Samir Gurung

Tirtha Gurung

Ben Haas

Jamal Jones

Dayana Juarez

Indra Karki

Tek Karki

Damari Lawrence

Pujan Mapchan


Sharchana Mapchan

Gabriela Martinez

Daniel McGrath

Victor Mercado

Rahwa Muzollo

Sade Olamijulo

Luis Patino

Alex Perez

Arjun Pokwal

Pranita Rai

Manisha Regmi

Mayra Rincon

Monica Rodriquez


Jose Saldona

Dikcha Sanjel

Leela Sanjel

Renuka Sanjel

Hema Sanjel

Sandip Subba

Anupa Thapa

Deo Thapa

Lal Thapa

Mon Thapa

Uriel Bravo Torres

Sosina Tweldebrehan

Nancy Lafoya Manzanero

Michael Hutt
Professor of South Asian Studies and Dean of the Faculty of Languages and Cultures at University of London.
Author of Unbecoming Citizens: Culture, Nationhood, and the Flight of Refugees from Bhutan (Oxford University Press, 2003)

Ingrid Seyer-Ochi
Former Public School Teacher
Assistant Professor of Language, Literacy, Society and Culture, UC Berkeley Graduate School of Education
Author of Smart on the Under: Excavating Opportunity in Urban America (Vanderbilt University Press, 2010)

Khatharya Um
Associate Professor of Asian Studies, UC Berkeley
Expert on education and access for immigrants and refugees in American public schools; diaspora studies; US refugee policies and author of "Diasporic Nationalism and Citizenship," Refuge, 23:2, 2006